Salt Lake City has completed its draft of the Impact Fees Facilities Plan and is asking for your input. 

Municipalities use impact fees as a financing tool to maintain a level of service in areas that experience additional demand and need due to growth. The draft plan and impact fee analysis are a written analysis of each impact fee and evaluate growth, determine a level of service, identify the public facilities needed to maintain that level of service, and recommend the impact fees needed to pay for that growth. 

 An FAQ and copy of the draft plan are available in two places on the City’s website: or

The Open City Hall site will allow you to access the FAQ and plan and also provides a section for your comments.

In addition, the City will be holding two public open houses where the impact fee consultant will go through plan and discuss the projects and fees. Public comment will also be taken at those meetings. Those will occur on Tuesday, September 20th at 9:30 am and Thursday, September 22nd at 6:00 pm. Both meetings will take place at the City and County Building (451 S. State St) in Room 315.

Your comments will be given to the Mayor before she makes her final recommendation to the City Council. The City Council will then discuss the plan in public work sessions and hold a public hearing before they approve the plan. 

Additional comments can be sent to