Ed Butterfield is a Senior Project Manager with the RDA. Ed’s history with economic development in Salt Lake City is far-reaching. In 2004, Ed began working in the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office helping to manage the Revolving Loan Fund. Since joining the RDA in 2008, Ed has been instrumental in the completion of dozens of housing, commercial, transit, and open space redevelopment projects, including the S-Line Streetcar and Greenway, Marmalade Block, and 9th East Lofts. Ed holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Utah State University and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Utah. When not overseeing projects or working with RDA’s Board of Directors, Ed keeps the office lively with semi-harmless pranks. During his off-time, he tends to his 80-year-old house in the City’s 9th and 9th neighborhood and socially inept dog, Sally.

Little known fact: Ed knows all there is about shearing sheep and bailing hay, thanks to growing up on his family’s farm.


Kort Utley is a Senior Project Manager. With a passion for good design, Kort never tires of making RDA projects functional, beautiful, and lasting contributors to the City’s urban fabric. His education and professional experience planning Denver’s Stapleton and Utah’s Daybreak developments have been the ideal combination for his work at the RDA. Since 2011, Kort has worked diligently to bring a healthy mix of small – to mid-scale, high quality housing and commercial projects into RDA project areas, with a particular focus on the Central Ninth neighborhood in the West Temple Gateway Project Area. Kort holds a bachelor’s in English and a Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture from Utah State University. He’s devoted to his two children, home in the Liberty Wells area, and daily Americano from Central Ninth’s Blue Copper Coffee Room.

Little-known fact: Kort hails from rural Utah, where he grew up hunting, fishing, and camping in the Fish Lake National Forest.


As a Project Manager, Jill Wilkerson-Smith is considered The RDA’s eternal fountain of institutional knowledge. Jill has been with the RDA for nearly 30 years, and is an authority on Salt Lake City’s redevelopment history. With a penchant for managing negotiations amongst public and private organizations, Jill has led the renovation of the City’s Gallivan Center, the adaptive reuse of the historical Beehive Brick building, and the creation of the North Temple Urban Renewal Area. A former professional bike racer, she is well-versed in keeping things on course to cross the finish line on time. She followed up her bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Utah with an MBA, and also holds a certificate in Negotiations and Leadership from Harvard Law School. Her loves at home include her husband, cat, and gluten-free bread.

Little-known fact: Jill performs duties as a Crew Chief for car races across the country and can change a tire like nobody’s business.


Ben Davis is a Project Manager. Born with two green thumbs, Ben’s biggest motivation for completing interesting redevelopment projects is to manage the final landscaping details. Working on the Sugar House Monument Plaza project enabled him to marry his knowledge of commercial development with his love of horticulture to revitalize Sugar House’s business district area into a usable, open plaza fronted by local businesses and dotted with trees, plants, and public art. He also was heavily involved in the development of the S-Line Greenway and forthcoming Marmalade Block park. With the RDA since 2011, Ben is a two-time Utah State University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and a Master of Business Administration. When he’s not spending time with his family and running marathons, he’s eating pizza.

Little-known fact: Ben wore his Chicago Cubs jacket 365 days out of 365 days last year.


David Arteaga is a Project Manager. David’s hands-on experience in the construction and development industry, coupled with his role as international real estate development advisor for a global Fortune 500 investment firm, provide the RDA with the expertise to complete projects that contribute to the City’s long-term economic vitality. Additionally, his ability to adapt to a variety of situations and environments, as evidenced by his time spent in Provo, Los Angeles, New York City, and then Salt Lake City’s bedroom community of Bountiful, has lent itself well to successfully managing projects that range widely in scope and size. Since joining the RDA in 2014, David has facilitated renovation loans for expanding local businesses like Red Iguana, managed retail space façade improvements, and negotiated multi-million-dollar Downtown construction projects. He has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, a master’s in real estate finance and investment, from New York University, and a certificate in Negotiations and Leadership from Harvard Law School.

Little-known fact: Though David and his three sons think they rule the roost, his lawyer wife Karla is truly the leader of the pack and often refers lovingly to raising four boys named Alex, Evan, Andrew, and David (David being the fastest of the bunch!)



Cara Lindsley is a Project Manager. Cara’s engineering background gives her projects secure structural legs to stand on, and her love of Salt Lake City gives them a whole lot of heart. Her commitment to do well by doing good guides her management of projects, especially as related to the environmental and social impacts to the surrounding community. With the RDA since 2014, her work on the Station Center development within Depot District Project Area has made her the RDA’s Rio Grande authority. Additionally, Cara’s passion for beautifying public spaces is evidenced by the management of the creation of the art wall at the Marmalade Branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library. She holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University. She loves running outside and spending time with her husband, two sons, and three dogs.

Little-known fact: Cara’s extremely proud of her Bleacher Creature status, which means she has attended an unnatural number New York Yankees baseball games. Google it. You don’t want to mess with her.


Tammy Hunsaker is a Project Manager. Tammy’s expansive knowledge of Salt Lake City’s affordable housing market, combined with her previous experience in finance, and her innate eye for good design, made her 2015 move from the City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) division to the RDA a natural one. As the RDA’s housing expert, Tammy applies her expertise and working relationships with local housing organizations to integrate affordable housing elements into RDA projects. Tammy has also been essential in enhancing the RDA Loan Policy, working with City and State entities on potential redevelopment in the Northwest Quadrant, and running the Granary District Adaptive Reuse Loan Program. A Salt Lake City native, she has a Master of City and Metropolitan Planning (MCMP) from the University of Utah and a BA in communications and studio art from Westminster College. In 2016, she earned her certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). While not improving the City, she’s an associate instructor of city and metropolitan planning at the University of Utah, and the #1 fan of her sassy pup Lola.

Little-known fact: Tammy is a home improvement addict who can be found paving her backyard, tiling bathrooms, and re-roofing houses on any given weekend. Her favorite paint color is Agreeable Grey.


Susan Lundmark is a Project Coordinator. Susan, affectionately known as Sooz within the office, has a strong background in geology and environmental science. Her copious note-taking and intense digging for the facts has resulted in her being mistaken for a reporter. It’s this attention to detail and focus that makes Sooz an exceptional coordinator of redevelopment projects and efforts. Since joining the RDA in 2015, Sooz has worked diligently on projects in the Sugar House and Marmalade neighborhoods, as well as managing the process of establishing two new community reinvestment areas. Sooz has a master’s degree in geology from University of Nevada, Reno, and a bachelor’s from Massachusetts’ Smith College. She’s an avid athlete, constant snacker, and devoted wife and mother.

Little-known fact: Before kids, Sooz played competitive rugby for seven years and loved almost every minute of it!


Crayola Berger is an Accountant for the RDA. Crayola’s longstanding involvement in Salt Lake City’s redevelopment stretches back 17 years when she started with the RDA. This quick-as-a-whip number cruncher has more than 40 years of office experience, with broad-based training in the administrative and accounting systems that guide the City’s day-to-day operations and financial practices. She was instrumental in processing and tracking payments for the construction of Downtown’s new Eccles Theater. There has been much speculation that Crayola has a side gig as a private detective, since she can hunt down the answer to virtually any question you ask her. When not making things balance, Crayola is gardening, walking the Jordan River Trail, and golfing with her husband.

Little-known fact: Crayola’s elephant and staple collections are unrivaled.


Amanda Holty is Communications and Marketing Specialist for the RDA. Amanda’s experience communicating in an agency setting, for an international non-profit, and on behalf of a local startup has taught her more than she ever wanted to know about effective public relations. Upon joining the RDA in 2015, Amanda hit the ground running with her successful management of public events, news conferences, community education sessions, and community outreach efforts, and she has never looked back. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and public relations from the University of Utah, is communications chair of Utah Urban Land Institute’s management board, and sits on the marketing advisory committee for local public radio station KUER. When not tending to the RDA’s social media on the weekends, she can be found tending to her two very blonde children, making a mean cocktail, and immersed in an organizational project in her Salt Lake City home.

Little-known fact: Way back when, Amanda was fascinated by third-wave feminism, which led to a Women’s Studies minor. And you definitely want her on your trivia team.


Jim Sirrine is a Property Manager. Jim’s 25 years in property management and ultra-calm demeanor lend themselves to expertly handle any situation that arises, no matter the urgency or size. Keeping close tabs on RDA-owned and maintained properties is Jim’s main focus, but he also manages a number of vital leasing agreements, property reporting, and oversees the RDA-owned Gallivan Center and Regent Street. Jim’s years in the communications program at Salt Lake Community College were clearly well-spent, as his hilarious emails regarding his beloved Coca-Cola could have only been crafted by a true professional.

Little-known fact: Jim’s pride and joy is his yard, followed closely by his five children.


Jolynn Walz is the RDA’s Office Manager. With a personality head-and-shoulders bigger than her 5-foot-nothing frame, Jolynn has worked for Salt Lake City since 1997. During her nearly two decades with the RDA, Jolynn has kept things running smoothly in the front office, amongst project staff, on directors’calendars, and everywhere in between. Earning bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Human Development and Studies from the University of Utah, Jolynn is an excellent assessor of people’s needs, which has been invaluable in her office management. She enjoys Pinterest, teasing her husband Danny, and keeping her Highland Park home in order.

Little-known fact: Jo is a University of Utah Crimson Line alumni, and has three children ranging in ages from 3 to 23.


Louise Garcia is the Office Facilitator. Lou’s experience in the public sector began with her work in the Salt Lake City Justice Courts. In 2016, she came to the RDA, where she manages the redevelopment advisory committee, organizes department travel, and keeps the filing system in check. Her quiet commitment to keeping things in order is complemented by her sharp sense of humor that elicits laugh-out-loud responses. She enjoys Ute football, golfing, and being a new mother.

Little-known fact: She’s a certified aesthetician and has a stock of beauty products that is slowly taking over her home.