Let’s set the scene: You got your degree from the U, or Westminster, or maybe another college in Utah, and now you’ve launched into your career (it’s right about now that you find yourself reminiscing on all the time off you had. A few weeks off to just enjoy the holidays sounds nice right about now, am I right?)

If you left SLC/Utah for that dream job, that’s OK. But what if you can have your dream job (with room to grow) back in SLC?! 30 minutes from the ski slopes, gorgeous hiking trails in your backyard, awesome nightlife and bar scene, arts and culture galore, (I could go on for a while here)… Oh, and cost of living is probably way better than that overpriced shoe box you’re currently living in to “make it in the big city.” But wait, you already know this, you’ve spent at least a few years in SLC getting your degree. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.


But what you may not know is that SLC continues to beat other major cities in all the right areas. We boast an approximate 3% unemployment rate (which is good, but also a challenge at times). You want some stats? Who doesn’t like stats?

Here’s how SLC ranks among other US cities:

  • #1 for cities posed to become tomorrow’s tech meccas (Forbes)
  • #1 for Americas best cities for young professionals (Forbes)
  • #1 for economic growth potential (Business Facilities)
  • #1 for emerging cyber security hubs (Business Facilities)
  • #1 for millennial home buyers (realtor.com)
  • #2 for best large cities to start a business (Wallet Hub)
  • #5 for employment leaders (Business Facilities)
  • #6 for best job markets for new college grads (ZipRecruiter)

And these rankings are just 2017 alone!

You want more stats? You got it. According to the most recent market analysis from The Costar Group, SLC:

  • Is outperforming the national average for 2-year job growth.
  • Has the sharpest population growth acceleration of 54 major metros nationally.
  • Net migration that’s more than the last three years combined.
  • High tech and STEM job growth is over 50%.
  • Out-of-state investors have increased – nearly double from previous years.

SLC has also been described as a hidden gem of diversity. Yes, you read that right.  There are over one hundred languages spoken fluently in our city and Christopher Muther of the Boston Globe wrote an article entitled, “For real: Salt Lake City is America’s super gay, super cool hipster haven.”  I provided the link so that you can check it out. https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/travel/2017/07/13/welcome-salt-lake-city-america-super-gay-super-cool-hipster-haven/Z7c6gkIeTDLaDBYLXgCgeJ/story.html.

It’s no wonder that (just about) everyone who comes to SLC for the first time leaves saying, “I had no idea. It’s totally not what I thought it was” in the best ways. Whether you’re a jock or drama geek (channeling my school-aged labeling here) – SLC has it for you. The capital city is home to the NBA’s Utah Jazz, a brand new state-of-the-art Broadway-style theater (now attracting some of the best, most talked-about plays), Utah Symphony| Utah Opera, hundreds of restaurants and bars (and that’s just in our convention district of downtown), enough local festivals to consume almost every weekend of the year, and incredible music venues and concert series!


So what does this all mean? Salt Lake City is rapidly becoming (some argue we’re already there) a destination market for business and employment. Unlike other cities across the country, we are in a unique position where there are tons of jobs, and not enough people to fill them.

If you’ve been want to come back to SLC to be closer to family, want all the economic opportunity without the “big city” pitfalls, want a clean, safe, kind, vibrant place to start a family, want incredible access to world-class outdoor recreation (here’s to that work/life balance), then Salt Lake City is the clear no-brainer here.

We have the resources and connections to help you land at the next step in your career path, and (if you’re familiar with the SLC Airport at all) may just be there with a huge banner to welcome you back!