We all know that Salt Lake City is the place to be. There are so many great reasons to open up a business or expand an existing one here in Salt Lake City (case in point: all of our previous blogs posts!)

Here’s yet another reason to be proud of SLC: the City’s commitment to sustainability. Today we’re excited to launch an occasional blog series, in partnership with SLCgreen, to delve into why sustainability matters for your business, why it’s a recruitment tool, and how it helps your bottom line.

First up: Did you know that Salt Lake City offers its own in-house sustainability consulting for businesses?

The e2 business program (which stands for Environment and Economy) has been around for over a decade. It’s dedicated to helping our business community take simple steps to run in an environmentally friendly manner, while continuing to flourish financially.

Currently, there are over 80 e2 business members, ranging from restaurants to breweries to ski resorts to a medical supply company. Each operation is very different and receives customized consulting once a year from the Sustainability Department.  While each e2 member is unique, we regularly help with common questions such as: how to start or improve a recycling program; how to become more energy or water efficient; and how to engage employees in sustainability initiatives. Often, their e2 membership helps businesses begin or expand a Corporate Social Responsibility program.

e2 bonanza

In addition to the annual consulting opportunities with the Sustainability Department, we produce a monthly newsletter and host events to help businesses stay on top of the latest sustainability trends and news. This summer, we were thrilled to introduce our e2 membership to the new anaerobic digester operation that can help our businesses reduce their landfill fees by “recycling” food waste that can’t be composted.

Salt Lake City’s investment in sustainability is clear. The more businesses—along with residents and visitors—that are conserving resources, reducing emissions, and “walking the talk,” the better for our community as a whole.


But what’s in it for the businesses? Well, beyond doing the right thing, making an investment in sustainability helps your bottom line. Saving energy and water literally saves dollars and cents. Improving sustainability policies can also bolster workplace culture and result in more satisfied employees. Customers are also increasingly looking for businesses that care about our environment and want to patronize those who make it a priority.


Beyond its primary purpose as a consulting service, the e2 program offers high quality marketing. Businesses can display their e2 certification on storefronts, digital newsletters, and anywhere else they choose. Salt Lake City hosts a members directory on our website, promotes e2 businesses on social media, and even hosts a “Members’ Night with the Mayor” during which you can meet other e2 partners and chat with the Mayor.

Whether you’re a small shop or a larger enterprise, check out the e2 business program and be part of making Salt Lake City’s environment and economy thrive!

You can learn more on SLCgreen’s site: http://www.slcgreen.com/e2-business-program.