The maker movement is the platform for today’s artisans to create, craft, and develop leading ideas and products. The growth of micro-manufacturers and online platforms demonstrate how strongly the movement has taken root.

Most people know someone who makes something. Possessions feel much more personal when they are homemade, and it feels good to buy something from the person who made it, too. And because of that — and an increasing drive in communities to “buy local”— the maker industry is booming nationwide. Salt Lake City is no exception.craftmarket

One great way you can help support our makers is to shop the 34th Annual Holiday Craft Market, hosted by the Salt Lake Arts Council.

The Holiday Craft Market features work by a variety of Utah artists and includes jewelry, ceramics, textiles, artwork, prints and letterpress items, art glass, holiday decorations, items for the home, and artisan foods.

With more than 90 artists in the market, the Arts Council continues a tradition of providing local artists a venue at which to sell their work, highlighting the unique talents of local artists. “The Holiday Craft Market is truly one of the best places for artists to showcase their work,” said Karen Krieger, Arts Council Executive Director. “We are thrilled to be able to present this year’s Craft Market and provide new products we haven’t seen in the past.”

The Salt Lake City Economic Development team wants to help artisans and micro-manufacturers in our city thrive and grow their businesses. We want anybody that is making craft goods to compete locally and nationally.  With partner resources we can help create a road map of ways to address their needs and make it easier for people in Salt Lake City to start, run and grow a business.   Contact Roberta Reichgelt, our Local Business and Entrepreneurship Manager at 801-535-7694.

Economic investments in startups, maker spaces, and the broader technology sector are resulting in real value for the city at large.supportthemakers

Have you visited the Holiday Craft Market?  What did you buy?  What other markets would you recommend to our readers?  Join the conversation and comment here!