We all know that the design and physical integrity of Salt Lake City’s commercial structures is extremely important — not only as a matter of aesthetics, but also in contributing to the success of your business and surrounding communities. Property owners who have reinvested in their buildings through restoration and façade improvements have, in most cases, realized real gains in property value.

But for young businesses in particular, every dollar that comes in the door is especially vital to your long-term survival. Façade improvements are too often pushed to the bottom of the list.

Façade Improvement Program

The HAND – Neighborhood Building Improvement Program was designed to help businesses who are faced with this challenge. And while it has helped many SLC businesses throughout the years it is currently focused on the Poplar Grove and Central City/Central Ninth neighborhoods.

The program offers facade grants (up to $25,000) for business-owners in these district areas to spruce up their storefronts. This, in turn, enhances the growth and livability of these district areas.  It’s a win-win for our economy and the people who live nearby. Improvements may include doors, windows, paint, stucco, garages, lighting, fascia, and soffit among others.

Rawleigh Greenhalgh currently administers the program and those businesses within the applicable district are urged to reach out if they are interested by contacting him at the Salt Lake City County Building.

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“It’s really a pretty straightforward process,” Rawleigh said.  “Review the requirements, come with a scope of work, write it out so it’s easily understood, and get a picture of the project. Then it goes before the committee for consideration.  If approved we then go out to bid for contractors, or we can find a way to work with yours if needed. Our office is available to answer any questions you have.”

Do you have a business in the Poplar Grove or Central City/Central Ninth districts?  Applications will open again in the Summer of 2018.   Call Rawleigh Greenhalgh at 801-535-7268 or email rawleigh.greenhalgh@slcgov.com

HAND’s Façade Improvement Program, administered by the Capital Improvement Program is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Salt Lake City’s efforts to revitalize and strengthen our businesses.

Improvement Programs with Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency

The RDA has several major resources and programs in place to help revitalize your building:

Main Street America Program

In Spring 2017, Salt Lake City won 2 Main Street America designations  – one for the Granary District and the other for State Street. The Main Street approach, a coordinated management initiative in downtown revitalization, focuses its image-building structure around four key issues — design, promotion, economic restructuring, and organization.  Contact Salt Lake City Economic Development for more information – ed@slcgov.com or 801-535-7200.

Your business relies heavily on a vibrant neighborhood – a place that has a thriving local economy, is rich in character, and features inviting public spaces.  When we work together, Salt Lake City and its businesses can and will breathe new life into the places we call home.