The Living Traditions Festival begins next week — Friday, May 18th and runs through Sunday, May 20th at the Salt Lake City & County Building and Library Square. The Festival has always been an unofficial kickoff to summer and the season of music and performing arts festivals in Salt Lake City. This week, we take a closer look at making a stand against plastic water bottle waste. In our own small way, we like to make a difference and you can help us!

While there are several new performers and food market vendors for 2018, perhaps one Bottle1of the biggest changes is the all-new green initiative to eliminate plastic water bottles at all concession stands on the festival grounds. That’s right; no 16.9 oz. or 20 oz. bottled water will be available for purchase. In fact, no bottled water of any size will be available for purchase. While it sounds like bad news at first, the good news is water available and free this year; patrons simply need to bring their own containers. Small cups will be available on-site, but why not pack a huge water bottle ahead of time and save money and help save the earth all at the same time?

The 2018 Living Traditions Festival will still have other beverage options to buy including several ice-cold soda selections. We will also have beer and wine available for patrons age 21 and older. The festival will have recyclable containers to discard used soft drink and beer cups.

For many years, the Living Traditions Festival has been one of the most green-friendly events in downtown Salt Lake City. We have a dedicated group of green team volunteers who help keep the grounds clean and distribute recyclable items to the appropriate waste management containers.

In 2018, the new steps will help raise awareness about the negative environmental impact of using bottled water. We aim to highlight the benefits of finding more earth-friendly water consumption alternatives. We want to do what’s best for the average festival-goer, all while being mindful of our landfills and oceans which have more plastic waste than ever.

Bottle2As part of this sustainability initiative, Living Traditions Festival attendees are again, strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles to be filled at the festival with fresh and filtered water. Whether you have a Nalgene, Hydro Flask, cheap promotional water bottle, or a different container, spread the word that bottled water sales at Living Traditions Festival are over. There will be several free water stations strategically placed in different spots throughout the festival grounds. Please see festival map to make note of the free water dispensers.

There’s an adage that the best things in life are free. And when it comes to water, we at the Living Traditions Festival strongly believe water should be refreshing, hydrating and most certainly free for the masses.

The Living Traditions Festival wants to give the power (and free water) back to the people. Raise your glass, cup, jug or other container and toast to not only free admission as always, but also free water for this year’s event. As always, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, wear a hat, and stay hydrated to maximize your festival-going experience.
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