What are your memories of Salt Lake City? What makes our City the vibrant place that it is? What makes up our public history, our evolving culture and collective memory?  Refik Anadol is crafting his proposal for Salt Lake City’s largest public art project and wants your input!

Your memories may become part of a large scale dynamic work of abstract digital art on Regent Street.


Media artist Refik Anadol, in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Arts Council and the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency, is seeking public input in the form of “memories” to contribute to a community-wide public art initiative.

The artist and his team invite all members of the local community to contribute their own memories of Salt Lake City to a dynamic new mode of cultural archive for Salt Lake City. This anonymous, multi-media collection of memories will join with traditional historical and archival records of the city to form the foundation for an ever changing, abstract work of digital media artwork that visualizes and re-imagines the past, present, and future of Salt Lake City in a revolutionary new way.

“Memories” are welcome from anyone, in any form. They can be verbal stories told in person, audio or video recordings, written words, photographs, or artwork. Memories can be submitted in digital form or can be physically brought to the Call for Memories center where they will be anonymously recorded, scanned, or video/photographed and entered into the growing archive.

All submitted material will be entirely anonymous, and will never be reposted or displayed in their original form. All submitted materials will become a single data point within a vast virtual archive of community memory. The final product of the project will be a dynamic work of abstract digital art, forever evolving to tell the ever changing story of our community.

Via Social media using the hashtag: #callformemoriesSLC
Via email at: callformemories@refikanadol.com

IN PERSON OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, June 9th from 4 PM to 7 PM and Monday, June 11th from 1 PM to 6 PM @ 151 S Regent St SLC  — more event details here.


ACCEPTED MEMORY MEDIUMS:Untitled design (16)

  • Verbal
  • Storytelling
  • Photographs
  • Video
  • Documents
  • Maps

ABOUT REFIK ANADOL STUDIO: Refik Anadol Studio is a unique team of world-class programmers, software developers, architects, engineers, and animators based in Los Angeles with team members around the world. The studio is at the crossroads of art and technology, using 21 century tools to create magical human experiences. Although my work takes many final forms from the virtual to the physical, the primary thread that runs through it all is a deep curiosity about the unseen world of data that surrounds us. I am constantly exploring new ways of making the invisible visible; creating an experience that brings the audience a new perspective on their world. By using custom software, ground-up programming, and dynamic real-time processing as my tools and data as my medium, I create artwork that gives visual life to the hidden stories of our world in the 21st century. As a pioneering studio in the field of Machine Intelligence and Machine learning, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to create artwork that has memory and culture, that learns and evolves over time.

“Archive Dreaming” Istanbul, Turkey