“Great art isn’t just in museums. All over Salt Lake City, you’ll find outstanding murals, original sculptures and all kinds of public art that will amaze you.  Public art has the capacity to ignite imagination and create ownership of our community,” says Kat Nix.

Kat is joining Salt Lake City Art Council as the new Public Art Program Manager. In this role, Kat will manage the City’s public art program and facilitate connections with community members and stakeholders. She will work with the artists and teams to develop and install art projects, while managing the maintenance and awareness needed to build a thriving public art program.

Kat believes, as we do, that public art is a catalyst – it encourages thought and powerful dialogue. It reflects the rich diversity of Salt Lake City’s social, cultural, and historical values and characteristics. If you haven’t already, consider touring the City’s collection of over 130 permanent artworks.

She joins a hard working staff with a full plate of projects already in progress. Some of the more recent works include the Granary Mural Grant Program, Regent Street, Fire Station #14, North Temple Mural project with Traci O’Very Covey, Fire Station #3, Three Creeks Confluence, and the Airport Whimsy Walls project.

Kat Nix graduated from the University of Utah in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Urban Ecology and a minor in Multidisciplinary Design. She worked as a mentor for latinx youth with the Youth Empowerment Program for 5 years before she was the 2017 Jane Jacobs Fellow for the Center of the Living City with the Observe! Program.  She is a proud tia, avid reader, and loves to adventure and travel. She likes to think she has a thick skin as her family loves to tease her about her quirks, such as her nine rules about milk or her only eating with spoons.

Welcome, Kat!