Salt Lake City is on the cusp of a significant opportunity to grow into a city center for technology. And non-profit Silicon Slopes has been connecting Utah’s tech community for over 10 years, with over 4,500 members throughout Utah.

Together with Silicon Slopes, Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development is looking to build up a more focused community for the City, specifically a Salt Lake City Chapter.   To lead this effort, we have built an Ambassador program to connect our community of leaders; people who care about the future of tech in Salt Lake City.

We’re bringing more events downtown and improving communication:

  • Monthly talks, panels, and roundtable discussions
  • Meet ups and networking events
  • More promotion and centralized information for tech-related events happening just in SLC

Becoming a member of SLC’s Chapter helps exercise the City’s interests by connecting more and influencing the direction of change and growth within Silicon Slopes.

Our tech companies already know that Salt Lake City is a setting you can’t manufacture. It offers a unique experience that the millennial workforce wants — a vibrant arts and culture hub scene, SoHo- and SoMa-style tech and co-working office space, walkable business districts, shorter commute times, and access to plenty of public transportation. Salt Lake City is not an overnight success story — it has been years in the making, built upon a long history of innovation with a strong geographic internet backbone.

It’s not government, but the startups and established companies who will drive the real success of Silicon Slopes within Salt Lake City. And we know there are thousands of tech professionals living and/or working in the City who really care about what happens here.

We want more of Salt Lake City’s tech companies to connect and ask each other, “How can I help?”

Be part of the next wave of tech growth history.  If you haven’t already, sign up  for the Silicon Slopes SLC Chapter.  Offer to host a panel, be a guest speaker, guest blog, share with colleagues, and more. Use your skill set to help unify and support the amazing growth and momentum in our tech community.

Silicon Slopes Salt Lake City Chapter