We had some great feedback from SLC Economic Development Workforce Development Manager Jake Maxwell ‘s recent post about finding quality employees with transferable skills, that he has written another blog on the topic.  Need help using these reports? As always, we’re here to help.

I was looking at a great Industry Spotlight report (feel free to request if you’re interested) for Salt Lake City, and found the below graphic to spell out our top occupation groups.


I got curious about what is included in the “Office and Administrative Support” group and thought this week, I would take you on my journey. I wanted to know why this group more than doubles any other closest group.

In the below list, I sorted the lengthy list by total employment. Here are the top few, but the list of total occupations is nearly twice as long.


To digest this a bit more, take a look at the “LQ” (Location Quotient), which is how we stack up against the national average. A LQ of 1.0 means we are the same as the national average. Looking at LQ, we have an exceptional amount of “Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents and Travel Clerks”. You may not care, unless you are an employer who employs this occupation or one with the same transferable skills. But regardless of who you employ, check out new demand, exits, transfers, etc. and imagine this for any occupation cluster you are curious about. Or, if you want to know our leading Industry in SLC (Healthcare and Social Science) we can help with that too. We have been really putting focus on West SLC, and Manufacturing is #2 for Industry share in SLC, Transportation and Warehousing is number 6, and we can glean much information from the data by diving deeper.

We are happy to provide Salt Lake City businesses with this information, plus much more, to help you strategize where to find that “hidden workforce” that might be currently working and have the core skills you are looking for. Please reach out if you would like to meet one on one and find out how we are helping businesses strategize for our workforce needs.