Were you at the SLCC Westpointe ribbon “joining” event last week?  The facility is now open and nobody is more excited than SLC Economic Development Workforce Development Manager Jake Maxwell .  He shares his thoughts about this amazing opportunity in our latest blog.  As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

The Westpointe Workforce Training and Education Center….it is a mouthful but it is also 121,000 square feet of new machines and equipment aimed to train up several high paying, high demand short term programs through Salt Lake Community College.

Embedded strategically in the Salt Lake City northwest quadrant, this is a response to much expressed need by industry and the West Salt Lake City education community for legislature to provide a state of the art facility that will help folks increase income in a location where they live and feel comfortable. This partnership between education, community, government, and industry is the symbol for Salt Lake Community College to hold their “ribbon JOINING” September 19th, 2018, as opposed to a traditional ribbon cutting.  slccopens

This facility houses Welding, CDL, Machining, Injection Molding, Advanced Composites, Solar Installation and Sales, and Diesel Technology just to name a few very in demand programs. I have even heard examples of industry working so closely with the center that they are courting the students for hire already, and it only opened in August.

A 4 year degree at a University is not for everyone. Some of us may have found this out the hard way with the debt and underemployment to sort through. This answers the confidence vs. competence dilemma for those who step onto a college campus and may feel like it was not designed for them. It is also for any learner at any stage in life to receive very quick training in occupations that can pay well over $80,000 a year. The close relationship with industry ensures funding, relevant curriculum, and industry exposure before graduation for students who want to see practical application of what they are learning.

For our Salt Lake City businesses who wish to get involved, interact with the students, and maybe tour the facility, please reach out and we will make sure you make the connection. Our SLC Department of Economic Development is also working closely to engage our communities to better understand the opportunities available here and to match those interested with programming, and in turn, industry needing the Workforce.