SLC Economic Development Workforce Development Manager Jake Maxwell offers this latest blog on finding more talent in the business or finance disciplines. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

As businesses are having to connect to the Universities and even the K-12 level to generate continued interest in their industry, we often help businesses strategize by connecting to the higher volume outputs of certification providers. But for one of the most sought-after degrees in Business Administration, do you know who is churning out the vastly disproportionate share of business degrees?

If you have not considered partnering with Western Governors University, now might be the time! As shown below, this is a huge strategic move for businesses who are seeking a finance or business skilled workforce. The fact they are graduating 5.6 times the amount as the next closest institution (University of Utah) in 4 year degrees, and 3.9 times more postgraduate degrees, I would think Western Governors should be added to your list of partnerships for internship, apprenticeship, and job shadow opportunities to begin grooming prospective graduates for your company.


For information about another degree or certification type, or for info about who to contact and how to get started, please reach out!

Jake Maxwell