Many have heard the great news that Salt Lake City has been selected as host of the 68th United  Nations Department of Public Information NGO (UN DPI/NGO) Conference in 2019. The annual conference attracts 3,000-5,000 representatives from over 300 non-governmental organizations representing more than 80 countries.

As a lead up to that event, Utah Valley University is hosting an NGO Conference on October 27, 2018.

What is an NGO, you ask? A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-for-profit, voluntary citizens’ group, which is organized on a local, national or international level to address issues in support of the public good.dsp-NGO-8

UN Secretary General has frequently affirmed the importance of NGOs as “indispensable partners” of the UN, whose role is more important than ever in helping the organization to reach its goals.

There are hundreds of NGO’s in Utah, but only a couple of them are affiliated with the United Nations. The upcoming conference on October 27th is a great opportunity to learn more about the UN, their mission and focus of work, and how being affiliated with the UN can impact NGO’s around the world and right here in Utah.

Participants will bring a variety of perspectives, values, and expectations to the conference. Anyone who is interested in the United Nations is welcome to register and attend the conference. We are encouraging all regional NGO’s, educational establishments, and students to attend. Representatives from the UN will be in attendance, as well as leaders from NGOs throughout Utah and the Western U.S. Presenters include: UVU President Tuminez, Mayor Jackie Biskupski, LDS Charities, Choice Humanitarian and Engaged Now Africa… and more.


In August, Mayor Jackie Biskupski led a delegation from Utah to United Nations Headquarters in New York to announce that Salt Lake City had been selected as host of the 68th United Nations Department of Public Information NGO (UN DPI/NGO) Conference in 2019 and said, “I can think of no better time, and no better place than Salt Lake City, for the United Nations to re-emphasize and reintroduce its vision, mission, and values to the American people.  Values of peace, collaboration, human rights, respect, freedom, and empowerment; all of which help us create a better world.”

The NGO conference at UVU this month and the official UN conference next August 2019 will put Salt Lake City on the global map highlighting our innovation, business environment, and work in sustainability and global issues. It is incredible exposure not only for Salt Lake City and Utah, but for the tens of thousands of businesses here. We look forward to hosting this exchange of ideas with communities who face similar challenges and advance the good work being done worldwide.

Pre-registration is required to attend the October conference.  Adult admission is $10, students are $5. Register now at