Nebraska made national headlines recently when it unveiled a new ad campaign with a frank slogan: “Nebraska – honestly, it’s not for everyone.” More ads in the campaign feature similar taglines that poke fun at stereotypes associated with the state.

If you’re into self-deprecating humor like we are, you may agree that a move like this at least gets people talking about it.  And a survey reveals most Nebraskans polled appreciate the honest approach.

Honestly, we’re feeling a little inspired by the campaign.

Honestly, Salt Lake City should never try and be something that it’s not.  Authenticity is everything.  We’re not L.A. or San Francisco or Nashville or Austin.  Salt Lake City is its own thing. If you love the outdoors and culture, there is no better place to live. You may have heard the label — “Small Lake City” this place has big city amenities – great restaurants and culture, but with a hometown feeling. And that is important because in a city this size you’re more likely to find people interacting and communicating with one another. There is a niche for everyone here, and you will eventually find your tribe.

And then there’s the diversity thing.

Yes, it is true that Utah as a whole still lags the nation in ethnic diversity, but consider these emerging trends researchers call “cumulative, ongoing and irreversible”:

Speaking of finding your tribe, at Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development we shed light on the subject of diversity, helping local businesses thrive and attract employees from all over the world.

Which is why we have created the website  It’s an online guide to make it easier for new movers to find resources they’re looking for. Utah is home to some really great organizations like Utah African American Chamber of Commerce, Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce, Utah Pacific Islander Alliance and the SLC Young Professionals who provide great resources that are compiled here, into one central repository.

It helps answer questions like:

  • Where are the places of worship associated with my religion?
  • How can I get involved with my community?
  • Where can I find a stylist who knows how to do my hair?
  • Are there any grocery stores associated with my culture here?
  • How do I find the things I like to do?


Diversity and inclusion is a marketing tool. When people see more people of diverse backgrounds, it presents more opportunities to learn about different cultures. The city becomes more attractive, and we attract more talent.   We can all agree ‘adding more color’ and a little humor to our landscape enhances it and makes life better for everyone.

List your business in and help expand the customer base of minority businesses listed in this directory.

As always, we’re here to help. If you would like to join the site please reach out.  Roberta Reichgelt our Local Business and Entrepreneurship Manager heads up this project and can be reached at (801) 535-7200.