No one who achieves success does it without the help of others. So this year, we would like to take the time to think about all of the things to be thankful for in business – both within your organization and throughout our community.

And who better to deliver a list than Local Business and Entrepreneurship Manager Roberta Reichgelt? Roberta works closely with small business owners every day throughout Salt Lake City and says, “I am lucky to be around such resourceful, hard-working people in our community. They are making it happen!”

Here’s Roberta’s list:

  1. Being in Control of Your Life – As the primary decision maker, being in control of your business means you have more control over your life. You decide what to sell, what to call your business, who to hire, what hours to work and more.
  2. A Supportive Team – Your employees work tirelessly all year long to make your business a success. And even those who work solo are likely to have a support system of friends or family members help in some way.
  3. Your Failures –Learning from mistakes is the quickest way to get better. Failures help you uncover any unrealistic expectations and incorrect assumptions — things you need to address in the early stages of your business.
  4. Your Successes – Utah’s economy is strong. You’re working hard. If you’re finally seeing a return, congratulations! If you’re just starting out chances are your business still made some progress this year, whether it be through profits or personal growth.
  5. Competitors – Trailblazers forge a path as mentors or just inspiring others. Be thankful for the founders and brands that have gone before you and the lessons we have learned.
  6. Online Connections – Can you imagine operating your business today without all of the communication tools we didn’t have 20 years ago? Blogs, social media, and so many business platforms allow you to reach people anywhere.
  7. Tech Tools – Apps and web services are more affordable than ever. They have revolutionized small-business accounting, project management, communication, sales, and marketing.
  8. The Ability to Help Your Community – As a small business owner, you have the ability to make a large impact on Salt Lake City. More than anything, you’re creating jobs. And when it comes to charity, your understanding of local need is meaningful and personal.
  9. Your Customers –more than just the people who buy your products or services, customers build the relationships that help your business to grow.
  10. Local Small Business Help – Salt Lake City is home to some amazing coaching resources and financing tools like the Economic Development Loan Fund, Façade Grant Program, and RDA Loan program which we are highlighting this month through our social and marketing channels.

That’s a lot to be thankful for!  From all of us here at Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development, enjoy your holidays.