Housed in the Department of Economic Development, the Business Advisory Board (BAB) seeks to encourage economic development and attract new business to Salt Lake City.  Up to 11 members serve our City for at least a 4-year term. And now, we’re pleased to announce that a new member has joined — Abudujannah Soud. Read on to learn more about BAB and Abudu’s goals for our City’s business owners.

BAB is a volunteer board made up of entrepreneurs who care about what happens in Salt Lake City’s business community. They advocate for small businesses and provide recommendations and advice to City leaders on ways to improve the business climate while addressing our challenges with affordability and growth. Their enthusiasm and support of our City is evident and newcomer Abudujannah Soud is no exception.

Abudu moved to the United States in 2001, and Utah in 2016. He is from Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya. Abudu has been in the kitchen since he was a child. He’s worked various levels in restaurants including owning an eco-lodge with a restaurant in Kenya.

In Utah, he got his start at the Spice Kitchen Incubator with Kafe Mamai, a fusion of African and Caribbean cuisine.


If you have not heard of Spice Kitchen Incubator, this great organization was created to provide affordable commercial cooking space and foster food business opportunities for refugees, immigrants/new Americans and low-income individuals.  It’s a place where culinary talent can create, preserve culinary traditions, and thrive in the food business world.

Q&A with Abudu

What do you like about the Spice Kitchen Incubator program?

What is not to like, everyone that works in the office and every participant of the program brings a unique perspective and much enthusiasm. It gives you hope and makes you realize and believe that anything is possible.


What do you think the #1 challenge is facing someone who is opening a restaurant in SLC?

It is very difficult for a small business owner to afford the cost of starting a business as the overhead and requirements are overwhelming.

 What changes would you like to see happen SLC?

There’s an imbalance at the moment between corporate growth and local issues that are significant but are surpassed. Essentially it aids the growth to the advantageous of corporations rather than small business.

What are you most excited about with Salt Lake City’s growth?

A new melting pot is emerging in front of our own eyes. Not only by international migration but from other states.

What is your favorite “Third Place” to hang out in SLC?

Restaurants, of course! I am a foodie at heart but there is something great about the parks. No matter where you live in the city there is a great park nearby.

What do small businesses in Salt Lake City need more help with?

Bureaucracy simplified. In other words, a one-stop informaton shop for enthusiasts.

What is SLC doing right for business?

Listening to the cries of the business community and the hurdles they face every day in establishing their dreams.

What is the first word or words that come to mind when you think of Salt Lake City?

“Diversity in Progress”

What improvements would you like to see for entrepreneurs?

Intergovernmental relationships to ease the run around for new business owners or enthusiasts.

Thank you Abudu for bringing your unique perspective and enthusiasm to Salt Lake City!


Want to learn more about Salt Lake City’s Business Advisory Board?

Meetings are open to the public and typically held on the second Wednesday of every month, from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. in the City and County Building, Room 335, 451 S State, Salt Lake City.  To learn more, please contact Roberta Reichgelt, Local Business and Entrepreneurship Manager at 801-535-7694.