Did you know Utah’s Tech industry accounted for one in seven jobs statewide in 2018? The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute has just released volume one of a landmark report and our Economic Development Workforce Development Manager Jake Maxwell shares his findings about Salt Lake City. Read on and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

The Kem C Gardner Policy Institute just released a deep dive into the tech business climate in Utah, helping many of us answer some questions we had in quantifying our assets in our respective cities.

We are proud to brag about Salt Lake City for a moment! To see the full report, you can link here:


Salt Lake City has, by far, the largest concentration of tech companies.


Salt Lake City has the largest “Tech” Company in the state, including 2 of the top 3 largest companies.


There is much debate over what a tech company is or is not. Is it a software company that went from start up to multi-billion dollar valuation in under a decade? Is it telecommunication or manufacturing? I would read the definitions section of this report to see how thoughtful and well-rounded it is.

I would argue that a tech company from an economic development and workforce perspective is innovating within the technology space, has highly trained engineers, pays a disproportionate average salary compared to the area median, and contributes an impressive GDP and tax base for the region in which they operate.

We are proud to keep creating a great environment for tech companies and tech talent to thrive in our city. For more information on what we are doing, please reach out.