There seems to be something special about coworking spaces. Not only has the traditional idea of “going to work” been transformed by mobile devices, it has also driven demand from the new freelance economy (estimated to grow to 40% of the workforce by 2021). They want a work environment that fosters community, collaboration and flexibility.

These membership-based workspaces offer a variety of services that help an entrepreneur thrive – including flexible office hours, high-speed connections, networking, educational events, conference rooms, childcare, coffee, dining, and even gym facilities.

As it turns out, coworking spaces may be the environments where the majority of Salt Lake City’s Silicon Slopes growth will come. Research suggest that people who cowork have substantial autonomy and can be themselves at work. The exchange of ideas seems to be more spontaneous, leading to more innovation and creativity.

In Salt Lake City, they provide easy access to downtown’s amenities – great restaurants, bars, transportation, the arts, entertainment, and more.

We were astonished to see just how many coworking spaces are now available. At the time of this post, we show over 15 and more coming on board soon. (Notice any that aren’t on this list? Please comment below.)


And while this real estate disruptor may occupy less than 5% of all office space in the United States, it is having an outsized impact – specifically on where and how freelancers, entrepreneurs and established corporations use office space. In Salt Lake City, it shows no signs of slowing down with strong growth projections.


This past week, we had the opportunity to attend WeWork’s grand opening of a Salt Lake City location. Deputy Director Ben Kolendar offered some remarks at the event. Here are some highlights:

We are living during a resurgence into downtown Salt Lake City. Coworking companies help smaller companies find a home downtown, where previously real estate was unattainable – offering a place to land as they seek office space.

Nationally, we are no longer a flyover city. We are competitive in the tech sector. We are in the game with thousands of tech employees and dozens of tech companies. Coworking companies are helping to attract other companies and professionals from outside the state as they seek the opportunity to do business more affordably in Salt Lake City. We provide great access to a young workforce and heightened quality of life.

The talent is here in Utah and more is coming every day. The companies are here and more are coming every day. Coworking brings both into downtown Salt Lake City, continuing to foster the top talent and growing tech industry. We want to make sure you both succeed.

Welcome to Salt Lake City!