Salt Lake City is known for it’s collaborative, can-do, hardworking spirit. It’s a great place to do business. What better way to celebrate National Swap Ideas Day than a list of resources available to help entrepreneurs and small business owners?

Magic happens when a community of people joins forces to bring a plan to fruition. It may start as only a suggestion of an idea, but when it is get connected to another idea a larger idea starts to develop. Swapping ideas creates a continuous spark. It’s what has grown Silicon Slopes, and many other growing industries within our community.

As entrepreneurs there is never enough resources or enough time to achieve the work that could be done and sometimes even the work that should be done, but thankfully
important projects can happen by seeking out admirable partners and diverse collaborators who are willing to share ideas and share work.

Outside of your business there are many organizations and resources that can meet your needs.

Here’s are some great places to swap ideas:

It’s quite a list, right? And we didn’t get all of it.

If you’re overwhelmed or not sure where to start, our Business Development Resource Finder (BDRF) survey will help guide you on a custom list for your business needs.

We hope this serves as inspiration to get out, connect, and swap ideas with your local business community. As always, we’re here to help! Need more ideas? Contact Salt Lake City Economic Development for any questions or assistance.