Salt Lake City’s economy proved remarkably resilient in 2019, and for that we are grateful, humbled and take great pride in our jobs every day promoting business development, revitalization efforts in the city and the arts. Let’s take a look back at this amazing year and as always, we would love to hear your feedback!

Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development is a young organization, just 3 years old! Now fully staffed and focused on customer service, the team has worked tirelessly with our partners at the local and state level to grow and diversify our City’s footprint. With so many wins in 2019 and a clear vision moving forward, the future of economic development in Salt Lake City is bright! We are excited to build upon this foundation and continue serving our community.

Top 5 Social Media Stories of 2019:

With over 1,000 tweets and hundreds of social media posts on Facebook, our followers engaged with these stories from 2019:

  1. Salt Lake City hosting the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference
  2. Salt Lake City’s Growing Tech Presence in the Silicon Slopes Community
  3. Small Business Success Stories, and our new Business Development Resource Finder (BDRF)
  4. Salt Lake City Arts Council and the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City  (RDA) new public art project on Regent Street
  5. New Business Trends  – Coworking Space and Food/Entertainment

National Rankings

Salt Lake City continues to rank among the best in the nation for business in 2019:


Happy New Year from all of us at Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development.