Today our team had the opportunity to listen in on the University of Utah’s Eccles School of Business, “Save Your Business” series — “What’s Happening in Healthcare to Get Utahns BACK TO WORK”.  We know not everyone has time to listen in and thought you might appreciate our key takeaways:

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It goes without saying — we all want to get back to work and restart our economy. But it is important to remember the goal is to make sure COVID-19 does not reignite in our communities causing further damage.

The Conflict: (Protect public health or support the economy)

  1. Strong social distancing measures implemented
  2. Infection case reduced and businesses hurt
  3. Pressure to ease social distancing policy
  4. More people get infected

Detect the Undetected

Early estimates projected that for every one diagnosed case, there were approximately four infected people who were undiagnosed. For example, a previous count of 1,074 cases meant that 4,296 additional people were infected and undiagnosed.

COVID-19 Color Codes Alert (Ranked from high to low): RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN

Telehealth is a Critical Part of Our Pandemic Strategy

  1. Connect Care is helping to flatten the curve and improve caregiver and patient safety
  2. Telehealth is a crucial resource for rural communities during this pandemic
  3. As the pandemic fades, Connect Care will be invaluable to keeping your employees healthier

Helping to Forge a Path Forward (Healthy people are essential for a healthy economy)

  1. Deploy more sophisticated and targeted tools for containing outbreaks
  2. Maintain our community’s involvement through helpful behaviors
  3. Continue investments in research and treatment trials

The Cure to Get Utahns Bank to Work

When will we have a vaccine?

  • At least 12-18 months
  • Dependent on the outcomes of early clinical trials and the number of patients that can participate

What treatment options are viable?

  • Hydroxychloroquine (treat or prevent malaria, BUT has side-effects) effectiveness requires clinical outcome data
  • Antiviral medications and the drugs being tested to fend off severe lung inflammation

What are healthcare supply chains being disrupted?

  • Many pharmaceutical products and ingredients are manufactured outside the United States
  • COVID-19 has prompted some countries to shut down their airports, including pharmaceuticals and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Plants are being disrupted because workers have contracted COVID-19

Symptom Checker:

Latest information:

If you think you have COVID-19: (844) 442-5224

Emotional Support Hotline: (833) 442-5224

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