We’re feeling inspired by talk of some non-contact spring sports re-opening in Utah, aren’t you? Just like a good distance run, the COVID-19 timeline is long and the name of the game is to ACT FAST daily while creating an effective, flexible plan. Here’s the latest from our Acting Director Ben Kolendar: 

Dear Business Leader,

Three quick updates:

  • The $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program to boost small businesses during the coronavirus economic crisis has been fully allocated. And it happened in less than 2 weeks.

In Utah the SBA approved nearly 21,257 loans valued at almost $3.7 billion.  Thousands of businesses made it over the fence, but many thousands did not.

Now is the time to urge Congress for more funding. Salt Lake City’s business owners have no time to waste.  Will you help? The Salt Lake Chamber has organized a letter and petition to the members of Utah’s Congressional Delegation.  If you would like your organization to be listed in support for adequate business funding during this pandemic, please sign on to the letter by filling out this form. This information will appear publicly in the letter and on the Salt Lake Chamber’s website.  Or contact them directly to urge quick action.

  • Need CDC social distancing materials in Burmese? How about updated case counts in Spanish? There’s a site for that plus so much more — the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs offers language resources to help inform our diverse communities of the symptoms and prevention of COVID-19. Go to: https://multicultural.utah.gov/covid-19-language-accessible-resources/
  • In case you missed it – on Friday, Utah rolled out the Economic Recovery 2.0 Plan which is now live on coronavirus.utah.gov. The phased approach is still intact with some guidelines/dates for moving into Stabilization Phase. The move to stabilization will happen within the next 30 days, likely within 2 weeks for many areas in the State.  Utah will implement a color-coded health guidance system as restrictions begin to ease on business closures, etc.

How is the Coronavirus impacting your business? Take the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey. If you have already taken the survey, but your needs have changed, please take the survey again. Let’s keep the lines of communication open.

Salt Lake City will have a decisive competitive advantage as we return to normalcy. It is our duty as government, neighbors and business owners to do everything we can to restore our local economy. We are grateful to you as a small business owner for building it.  We’re here to help support you and do everything we can to protect that investment.


Ben Kolendar

Acting Director, Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development