And now for some good news. In a recent article from Forbes, Salt Lake City was named a ‘Top 10 Best Cities for a Coronavirus Recovery’.  The data and ranking comes from Moody’s Analytics who has issued a report that examines the potential to recover from coronavirus among the top metro areas in the U.S.

How did they come up with the ranking methodology? In analyzing the cities, Moody’s looked at population density and plotted it against two measures of workforce quality, both using educational attainment along with the average density across counties to calculate regional exposure to COVID-19.

While much of the next year is uncertain with coronavirus recovery, it is clear that the pandemic has impacted cities across the country with varying force.

It just might be the start of a new trend, moving away from more densely populated urban areas to less densely packed areas in the country. And businesses will need to follow the workers.

Photo credit: Forbes. New York City is going to be one of the worst hit metros. Read the article here:

We’re ready. For several years running, Utah has ranked among the top U.S. states for business and careers. A major factor? Business-friendly policies, collaboration and innovation. And if there was any doubt, here are our Top 5 Reasons for Salt Lake City.

In Salt Lake City, you’ll find a community that is committed to fostering the creation and growth of businesses. Our key industries support the growth and development of a diverse workforce, and the employers provide pathways to meaningful careers.

It’s about harnessing growth for the good of every resident, with a focus on sustainability and diversity.  And in these challenging times – our ecosystem and culture of pulling together and figuring it out- will pull us through.

Salt Lake City Mayor Mendenhall Inaguration – a 100 Day Plan for the City here:

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