If you’re going to shop a Utah business, Salt Lake City’s businesses are probably the safest in the State to buy from. Why? Recent data shows 90% of people going into our local businesses are wearing a mask. The County’s mask wearing mandate has proven effective and it is directly linked to our downward trend in COVID-19 cases. Read on to learn how the new yellow status will impact your business:

On Wednesday, Salt Lake City Mayor Mendenhall requested a change to the City’s COVID-19 restriction level — moving from “orange” to “yellow” — after case counts in the capital have decreased over the past month. We anticipate the change to go into effect Friday September 4th.

The move comes after 30 days of citywide downward trending COVID-19 data, a more conservative measure than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends (14 days of declining numbers). The highest COVID-19 impacted locations — including Glendale and other western Salt Lake neighborhoods have both seen an overall stabilization or reduction in the past 30 days.

Salt Lake City and our county’s mask mandate that has clearly influenced the downward trend. Masks are working.

While there is not a dramatic difference in business operation restrictions from “orange” to “yellow” it’s all about rebuilding consumer confidence and breathing life back into our City. “We absolutely want people to be able feel confident coming back into Salt Lake City patronizing our businesses,” says Mayor Mendenhall.

All businesses are allowed to open their doors under the yellow restriction so long as reasonable precautions such as mask-wearing, social distancing and frequent sanitization are followed.  Yellow does not mean less risk for catching COVID-19. It refers to easing restrictions on public activities. Under the status, people can gather in groups of up to 50, for instance, and all businesses can reopen. Restaurants can also offer dine-in services.

Refer to new guidelines here, including industry specific information: https://coronavirus.utah.gov/utahs-low-risk-phase/#guidelines-business

Industry specific guidance for the new yellow phase:



“I want to be clear that this shift is not a signal to relax on the important measures we take each day to stop the spread of COVID. Shifting to yellow is not a return to normal. Masks are still required and are critical. We are still asking you to maintain 6 feet of distance from others. We must maintain concerted efforts to sanitize and wash our hands. And high-risk individuals still must take additional steps to keep themselves safe,” Mayor Mendenhall added.

Finding this new normal won’t be instant, like flipping a switch, it will be more like gradually moving a dial. The decrease in the level of restriction provides an increase in economic opportunity for our business owners, at a time when they need it the most.

Stay tuned for future announcements from Salt Lake City; more plans to help boost our downtown business activity. As always, we are here to help you navigate the yellow phase and beyond.


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