The coronavirus may have caused cancellations of tours, concerts, and festivals throughout Salt Lake City, but Excellence in the Community has remained determined to connect with fans through live music at the Gallivan Center. Read on to learn about how you can support these great SLC institutions.

Autumn leaves are starting to fall. We’re entering a new phase of the quarantine. Change is happening, again. We’re all looking for new ways to continue supporting our local artists and business owners. SLC Open Streets was a success – we learned that with a little creativity, our community is willing and able to pivot.

Excellence in the Community has been a master of the pivot, streaming FREE live performances from Downtown’s Gallivan Center. In fact, over 55 concerts have been offered online since COVID-19 hit.  The effort has been so successful that they have now reached a new milestone — over 1,000,000 minutes watched online!   And an average of 57,000 viewers per concert.

The series is a fantastic way to connect with downtown and our talented local musicians. Simply tune in to the concerts live on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m.

COST:         FREE

October’s livestreaming concerts to catch or binge-watch any that you may have missed:

“We all really miss live music. It has been tough on local musicians and their fans. Many thanks to Excellence in the Community and the Gallivan Center for providing this opportunity. With cooler temperatures ahead, why not stay in and make a night of it?” said Salt Lake City’s Economic Development Director Ben Kolendar, “Host a watch party with your friends, order takeout from a local restaurant, and commit to donating to your favorite local arts group.”

It is Excellence in the Community’s mission is to support every community and individual regardless of their economic circumstances. The events have been free since 2012, underwritten by generous sponsors.

As a business leader, the livestream event can be a great way to bring your employees together or support arts community. Consider sponsorship or donating to the cause.

Utah’s best musicians and dancers represent a powerful resource for bringing people together. Excellence in the Community provides that opportunity for our local talent to perform on a stage in downtown Salt Lake City:

About That Awesome Gallivan Center

Salt Lake City wasn’t always fortunate enough to have a public space as stunning as the John W. Gallivan Center for hosting Excellence in the Community. It used to be known as “Block 57,” a block full of underutilized buildings and parking lots. But in the late 1980’s the Redevelopment Agency stepped in, and the rest is history. Salt Lake City began acquiring the property with an aim to revitalize the center of the city as we know it. The planning process made way for new features that would successfully breathe life into the space – an ice-skating rink and staging areas for concerts and festivals. It became so popular that it was necessary to reconfigure the plaza and enlarge the rink again in 2010 and also better accommodate outdoor concerts (including the more recent move by Twilight Concert Series).

And as we dream of our return from COVID-19, we remember the Gallivan Center as a green and gracious gathering spot in downtown Salt Lake City. We can’t wait to get back to it. It is, without a doubt, one of the best spots for music in Utah.  We’re grateful for Excellence in the Community for bringing prominent Utah artists to the venue year-round, and even through a worldwide pandemic.