Big news this week. BioUtah launched BioHive, a collective representing the life science & healthcare innovation ecosystem of Utah’s economy. As a member of the Healthcare Innovation ecosystem, you’re already one of us, and together we are stronger. There’s no cost to be part of our collective nor are you required to be a formal member of BioUtah. Ready to jump in? Read on to learn more:

BioHive will serve as the brand representing Utah’s healthcare innovation community, of which Salt Lake City is the hub, supporting some of the greatest entrepreneurs and companies in the country. Leaders from these companies have joined up with local economic development and industry backers to represent more than 1,000 Utah companies in the biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, biotechnology, health tech, and digital informatics fields.

When BioHive says Utah is the nation’s fastest growing life science community, they’re not kidding.  Utah leads the nation in employment growth for the Life Sciences industry, employing 43,000 people directly and 88,000 indirectly, for a total of more than 130,000 (among the nation’s highest per capita). The life science industry is a key driver of both life-changing interventions and tools, and also of economic growth. The highly trained employees of this industry are paid an average wage almost 50% higher than Utah’s average.

Our life science industry attracts leaders and innovators that are committed to staying in Salt Lake City and all of the benefits of being in our city – from the University of Utah to Research Park to a new innovation hub focus at the Gateway, to manufacturing facilities on the west side near Salt Lake International Airport.

A press release from Mayor Erin Mendenhall shared the good news on Monday. “I’m thrilled to be taking this first step toward our ultimate goal of a thriving Tech Lake City, here in Salt Lake City,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “It’s clear right now how important the life sciences industry is for public health, but it will also play a key role in our economic recovery in the months and years ahead, and that work officially begins today.”

We’re Building a Culture for Growing Companies and Startups to Thrive, Grow, and Connect.

Tackling the world’s health challenges requires years of research and an interdisciplinary approach combining expertise across medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, software engineering, and regulatory and clinical sciences just to name a few.

Each of our members lends passion, intelligence, and empathy to these collaborative efforts. From pioneering genetics and the largest integrated medical record and genealogy dataset on earth to saliva-based COVID-19 tests, advancements in surgical imaging, and a burgeoning pipeline of innovative therapies and global partnerships, our innovations are changing lives.

By supporting each other and strengthening our collective expertise and resources, we’ll be able to bring unique solutions to impact patients faster while helping to make our healthcare system more efficient.

Let’s Get Started.

To support and promote Utah’s healthcare innovation ecosystem requires consistency. BioHive has prepared resources to get started – download the toolkit to help tell the story and highlight your unique role in the BioHive.

 Make no mistake, something special is happening here in the Beehive State.  See what the #BioHiveMentality is all about at

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