If you’re an entrepreneur, odds are you already have the drive, but you might not know how to start building your empire. That’s where Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development comes in — we’re here to connect you with the resources and knowledge to thrive in the Capital City!

Together with Salt Lake City Community College and the Salt Lake Small Business Development Center, we host a podcast series called “STARTUP SLC“.

It’s available through podbean via apple or android, or access through any podcatcher. Simply search on the title “Startup SLC” on your mobile device or listen live from your desktop at https://slsbdc.podbean.com/.

Listening to “STARTUP SLC” during your commute or to add some ambiance at home is a fantastic way to learn something new. If you’re looking for a way to get business know-how, inspiration, and ideas—but find you don’t have time to read business books, this podcast is an easy solution. Plus it connects you with other local business owners who have faced many of the same challenges.

Learn from local industry experts as our own Small Business Development Manager Roberta Reichgelt hosts the show along with coordinator Will Wright and Peter Callister of Salt Lake City’s Business Development Center (SBDC) at Salt Lake Community College.

In each podcast we are going to talk with the people who support Salt Lake City’s entrepreneurs,  from community resources to licensing to loans and more.

EPISODE 1: Things to consider when starting a business.
EPISODE 2: SLC.gov Economic Development Services & other considerations.
EPISODE 3: Interview with Jamaica Trinnaman and Hello! Bulk
EPISODE 4: Cash Flow is King!
EPISODE 5: Challenges Women Face in Business
EPISODE 6: Interview with Silvia Castro of the Suazo Center
EPISODE 7: Interview with Sal Soberanis & Sobe Eats
EPISODE 8: Interview with Emily Ashby: All About Instagram
EPISODE 9: Shop Small, Small Business Saturday with Local First Utah
EPISODE 10: Interview with Z Nectar: Concept to Market
EPISODE 11: Interview with Majelco Medical
EPISODE 12: Interview with Buzzed Coffee Truck and Goldman Sachs 10k Businesses
EPISODE 13: Interview with Tracey Dean, Chairwomen of the LGBTQ+ Utah Chamber of Commerce
EPISODE 14: Buy Local Utah: Supporting Local Businesses
EPISODE 15: Interview with Jorge Fiero, Founder of Rico Brand
EPISODE 16: Interview with Marcello Rikli, Owner of Nostalgia Cafe
EPISODE 17: Interview with Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, Executive Director of the Pacific Island Business Alliance

EPISODE 18: Interview with Raymond Christy & SLC Airports
EPISODE 19: Interview with Danny Cheng, owner of ComCom
EPISODE 20: Interview with Kris Heslop regarding 1st and 2nd PPP Rounds of Funding
EPISODE 21: Interview with Jorge Rojas & Sarah May, recipients of the SLC Arts Grant
EPISODE 22: Interview with Tim Cooley, GM of the Park City Angels
EPISODE 23: Interview with Claudia & Alfonso Brito of Santo Taco

Want to be featured? What topics are most helpful for you? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out at ed@slcgov.com.