It’s no secret that Salt Lake City is one of the best metros in the U.S. for startups. You could say our overnight success is years in the making – home to countless success stories, a young and educated population and a thriving tech and healthcare scene.

That’s why we have compiled an updated 2021 Entrepreneurship Prospectus that gives you essential data, resources, inspiring startup stories, and insight to succeed.

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Your story will shape the businesses of tomorrow.

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It’s stories like Andrew Wang, Pandemic Studios co-founder and graduate of the University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute who created a gaming platform with over 4 million monthly players.  

It’s about world-class resources like Altitude Lab, a public/private partnership life science incubator that helped co-founders Andrea Mazzocchi and Katie-Rose Skelly develop Found Medicine a platform to personalize cancer treatment strategies.

Salt Lake City Startups (L to R) Pandemic Studios, Found Medicine, and SimpleCitizen

It’s about startups that utilize our city’s abundant co-working spaces, incubators, and local venture capital support – as it did for SimpleCitizen. Software company founders Sam Stoddard, Brady Stoddard, and Aydé Soto created a solution for customers to save millions in legal fees.

Hundreds of stories just like these are happening now — talented entrepreneurs thriving in our strong, connected, and resourceful ecosystem.

It’s no wonder Salt Lake City is recognized nationally as a top place in the U.S. to start a business.

When you bring the smartest, hardest-working people together with the best possible resources, you get new ideas. You get discovery. You get effective startups.

Every step of your startup leads to questions.

We’ve got answers and tools to help you navigate the many stages of your business.

In this guide, you will find the steps, tips and resources you need to start a business in Utah’s capital city:

  • Get instant access to the business decision tools you need
  • Find available office space and real estate
  • Gain insight into Salt Lake City’s leading industries
  • Advance insight into industry operating costs
  • Unlock workforce programs and incentives
  • Discover social impact and inclusion driven community partners
  • Connect with funding and venture partners
  • Accelerate your innovation using the resources that Utah has to offer

“Salt Lake City is in the middle of a remarkable period of growth, and we are uniquely positioned with an educated workforce and thriving economy to embrace, foster and champion the startup and entrepreneurial spirit. Expansion in the local job market as well as an unparalleled quality of life continue to make this city one of the most attractive in the United States for innovative thinkers.”

– Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall

Salt Lake City is committed to seeing your success become a reality and we’re constantly making improvements to ensure a more adaptable environment. We’re here to help you develop your ideas, find connections, and gain new perspectives as you venture through our local startup scene.

Get access to Salt Lake City’s Entrepreneurship Prospectus now! And as always, we’re available to answer any questions or assist further in your journey. Please reach out at