The 2021 National League of Cities City Summit is coming to Salt Lake City! Festivities begin November 17th and the conference runs 18-20th at the Salt Palace.

It’s a big deal. And we’re joining the ranks of more recent host cities like Los Angeles, San Antonio, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh to provide an unforgettable venue and lasting dialogue between change makers and those leading America’s urban and downtown renaissance.

What is NLC? The National League of Cities (NLC) advocates and provides resources for 19,000 cities, towns and villages, representing more than 218 million Americans.

City Summit, one of NLC’s largest events, is the only local government conference that represents all levels of city leaders in the U.S. from Mayors and Council members to professional staff. It reaches present and future leaders not only in Salt Lake City but across Utah and the United States.

“Salt Lake City is deeply honored to host the National League of Cities Summit. It comes at a critical moment for mayors and city leaders who are working on the complex issues facing cities everywhere. From COVID-19 to homelessness and more, this conference is an opportunity to share information, ideas, and expertise from so many bright and committed leaders across the U.S.”

– SLC Mayor Erin Mendenhall

Over 3,000 local officials, policy makers, municipal staff, technologists and corporate innovators from all 50 states will come to Salt Lake City with one purpose in mind: building stronger communities.

NLC 2021 City Summit Salt Lake City from National League of Cities on Vimeo.

There’s an exciting kind of energy that fills the room when so many local leaders come together.

It’s about connecting with fresh ideas from localities big and small.

It’s an opportunity to exchange best practices on policy development and community planning, connect with private and public sector vendors, and network with other advocates for proactive leadership.

It’s about raising our voices on important issues getting in front of the federal decision makers. Over the course of the event, the conference will tackle a politically diverse range of topics including:

  • Economic Development and COVID-19 Recovery
  • Technology and Data Uses for Cities
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership Skills
  • Workforce Support and Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation and Alternatives
  • Climate Change and Impacts on Cities
  • Cultural and Social Issues in the Community

“This is an important time for local leaders. You have been on the front lines for our country since the start of this pandemic. This is the conference where you will make your voice heard. Summit will connect you with your peers from across the country but also put you in the virtual room with members of Congress and administration officials. I hope you are as excited as I am about NLCS 2021 happening this November in Salt Lake City.”

– Kathy Maness, President, National League of Cities

“I am looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues and meeting new friends at City Summit. As the host city we are looking forward to showcasing our remarkable people, culture, diversity, and outdoor beauty to all in attendance. A special thank you as well to the board members and volunteers who are making this event happen.”

– SLC Council Member Amy Fowler, Chair of the Large Cities Council for National League of Cities

“The conference is a great opportunity for local officials from across the country to see the innovative and exceptional things happening in Salt Lake City. We have much to share, and so much to learn in return.”

– Ben Kolendar, Director of Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development.

To register for the event or get more information go to the NLC City Summit event page.

Host city sponsorship opportunities are still available! Please visit our local sponsor prospectus for more details.