JJH Auto Body and Paint provides collision repairs and auto body work. They started their business in 2009 and have been growing steadily ever since, more recently expanding into a larger facility. Johnny Hernandez took the time to talk to us about one aspect of his business that helped him land a new, steady source of customers – contract opportunities through the SLC Airport. Read on to find out how you can win these contracts for your business too.

Salt Lake City’s JJH Auto Body and Paint is a story of hustle, superior workmanship, and a roster of happy customers earned through the years.

Customer trust and loyalty are essential for building a successful business. And while this may sound obvious, it’s hard to overstate the value of establishing a solid base of repeat long-term customers.

Johnny Hernandez explained that rental car companies, business fleet vehicles, and similar contracts are a major source long-term customers for JJH Auto Body and Paint. So he pursued many of these opportunities – winning relationships with familiar brands like Avis, Fox, Budget, Hertz, and NU Car Rentals.

But he had trouble getting in at Enterprise.

He tried for five years until, one day, he ran into Raymond Christy who runs the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

DBEs are for-profit small business concerns where socially and economically disadvantaged individuals own at least a 51% interest and also control management and daily business operations. It’s a federal program through the Department of Transportation (DOT) and utilized today at the airport.

Potential contractors and concessionaires are motivated to seek small businesses certified into the DBE Program because Liaison Officers, similar to Raymond Christy, motivate contractors and concessionaires to seek out the goods and services provided by DBE firms. DBE Liaison Officers review specific federally funded contracts for business opportunities and place DBE contract goals for contractors and concessionaires to seek out certified DBE firms to provide goods and services to meet the contract goal.

Raymond reached out to Enterprise, then connected them with JJH Autobody and Paint.

Today, Enterprise is one of JJH Auto Body and Paint’s largest clients. They were so impressed with the organization that they asked to be a preferred client giving them a greater volume and increased compensation.

Federal and local government contracts may seem complicated on the surface but once you get introduced and find local help, they are actually a great way to add a new steady stream of customers for your business.

This month, Raymond Christy will be hosting a free seminar to show you just how easy it is to start.

You are invited Thursday, August 26, 2021 to “Airport Outreach 21”. You can learn more about the program here or contact Raymond Christy with any questions at raymond.christy@slcgov.com or 801-575-2945

Rental car companies are just one category of opportunities at the airport. There is a demand for services in a variety of areas – from concessions to printing, electrical, HVAC and more (see a list below).

We asked Hernandez, what he would say to another business about joining this program. He agrees it is totally worth the time investment.

“Yes, there is some work getting those applications done. But you would do this for a house or second mortgage. Why not do it for your business? Plus there are people out there willing to help you do it.” – Johnny Hernandez, JJH Auto Body and Paint

Hernandez knows a thing or two about government contracts. By way of introduction of Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center he has also won fleet business through Salt Lake City and is learning the ropes of pursuing military contract opportunities.

PLUS… we must add another amazing accomplishment — JJH Auto Body and Paint is also saving money through Salt Lake City’s Green e2 Business, running their business in a more environmentally and economically sustainable manner. Rock star status!

Bottom line? Government contracts and programs are an excellent way to help grow your business and we’re here to help connect you. Here is more information about the upcoming DBE event:

Registration is required. To reserve your seat, go to www.eventbrite.com/e/outreach-2021-acdbe-dbe-and-small-businesses-opportunities-tickets-161806217753

Here is a list of goods and services the rental car concessionaires are looking for;

Description                              NACIS

Asset Recovery                       561491

Auto Body Repair                   811121

Auto Parts                               423120

Auto Repair                             811111

Backflow Testing                     238220

Car Wash Maintenance          423850

Cleaning Supplies                    423850

Concrete Maintenance           238110

Consulting                               541611

Delivery Svc                             492110

Device Repair & Maintenance*          811211

Door Maintenance/Repair     236220

Electrical                                 238210

Fire Safety                               423990

Fire Suppression                      423990

First Aid                                   424210

Fuel Maintenance                   333911

HVAC Maintenance                 238220

Insurance                                524210

Janitorial Services                   561720

Keys/Locks                               561622

Legal Services                         541110

Office Expense                        424120

Plumbing                                 238220

Printing                                   323111

Roadside Assistance                488410

Security                                   561621

Signage                                   323111

Tires                                        423130

Towing                                     488410

Auto Transport                        484230

Uniform Cleaning                   812331

Uniforms                                 812331

Windshield Repair                  811122