National Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month is an annual observance of remarkable achievements. It’s a time to not only recognize and celebrate these contributions, but to also connect with those who have inspired others to achieve success. And we’re feeling inspired by Juliette Bautista!

Juliette is a community leader advocating for diversity in STEM, and Founder and Director of Club Ability. Juliette was recently awarded the Community Leadership Award by the Women Tech Council and the Living Color Utah Award for actively working to increase diversity and inclusion in tech.

Club Ability is an after-school coding program for kids, especially for special needs and Latino students. The goal of the program is to strengthen our community and drive awareness that kids have the ability to code. They can prepare for and thrive in a tech career. And they are needed to help drive more innovation in our local and global economy.

Q&A with Juliette Bautista, Founder of Club Ability and Community Leader in STEM Diversity

Why did you start Club Ability?

When I moved to Utah, I noticed there was not an after-school program that offered coding for kids, especially for special needs and Latinos students. I wanted to find a way to share my technology skills while helping children succeed that’s how CLUB ABILITY was born. 

In Utah, tech occupations are less diverse in terms of standard race and ethnicity groups than were tech workers nationwide.  Utah has 16.8% of jobs are occupied by minorities While in The US it is 36%. I wish in the next few years this number increases.

I believe every child from minority communities such as Special needs and Latinos students deserve to interact with technology. They will be the creator of inclusive technology and will improve our world. 

How can Salt Lake City’s business owners help support Club Ability?

Sponsor our course: This way low income and special needs students can receive scholarships to learn code.

Allow us to visit your facilities: If you are in the Technology sector you can allow us to know how is work in technology, meet with Tech Professional and visit your facilities.

Donate computers: Many of our students apply for scholarships but they can’t attend because they don’t have a computer. This is the main tool to our creators of technology.

Spread the word: Share our information about our programs: 

  1. Scholarship for children  (ENGLISH)   Spanish WWW.CLUBABILITY.ORG/BECAS
  2. Parent: Learn how to use computers and help their children and they how access to tech. The lessons are taught  in Spanish

If you want to reach out to us send us an email:

What is required to join Club Ability?

  • Children from 7 to 17 years old who speak Spanish or English 
  • Children have special needs or several medical conditions. We offer tutoring in case they need it.
  •  who loves to play video games and have the curiosity to create video games.
  •  who want to create and apps 
  • who loves play Minecraft 
  • who want to be so much fun and 
  • Parents who speak Spanish and want to learn how to use a computer.

For more information visit or email

Thank you, Juliette for being an advocate and change-maker in our community!